Z-Wave Motion Sensors

Brand: Smart_Tech
Product Code: G8-1028
Weight: 100.00g
Dimensions: 6.00cm x 7.00cm x 7.00cm

Available Options

Smart Motion Sensor:


Remote Sense Control with LifeOn Z-Wave Motion Sensors

Z-Wave Motion Sensors act as single controlling point  for controlling all z-wave enabled devices. Z-Wave motion sensors control lighting and temperature along with any unexpected movement in home at any point in time.

    • Z-Wave motion sensor is more reliable and security controller for your smart home
    • Controlling your home z-wave enabled devices including all other IOT Components
    • Z-Wave motion sensors are more intelligent and multi functional
    • Z-Wave sensors are available with different options such as Single Sensor and Multiple Sensor
    • Z-Wave sensors are more affordable and easy to install without any need to extra wire or efforts
    • Single point controller for security, temperature, humidity as well as motion sensor
    •  LifeOn integrated Z-Wave sensors triggers security or alert notification on your smart phone


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Security Control With LifeOn Z-Wave Motion Sensors

LifeOn Integrated motion sensors are easy to install and more affordable which sense your world so that you can control lighting and temperature along with any unexpected movement in home at any point in time

Few examples of use cases of LifeOn Integrated Z-Wave Motion Sensors:

  • You can trigger your home appliances like , AC, Refrigerator, Fans and much more from anywhere at anytime. For example, if you are outside the house, then you can easily trigger Fans, AC and Refrigerator and get the current status
  • You can easily set the trigger for your security camera which will notify you on your smart phone when ever any unwanted motion happens at your home
  • You can easily use these sensors to trigger security /alert application on a Z-Wave network, power on/off switches, ringing a siren, and activating lighting scenes.
  • Trigger smart lights to automatically turn on when you open the front door, and off when you close it behind you
  • You can also get current room temperature of your home and will get notification about the electricity fluctuations on your smart phones 
  • Automatic turn on your night lights, when you children get up from bed and any unexpected entry happens at your home 
Item Weight: 100g
Product Dimensions: 6 x 7 x7 cm
Batteries: 1 Lithium Metal batteries required
 Color:  White
 Material:  Synthetic
 Average Battery Life:  26280 hours
 Power Source:  220V/AC
 Operating Temperature:  -20C~+50C

 LifeOn Integrated Z-Wave Motion Sensors has the following features giving you the best experience:


  • Easy installation and configuration with LifeOn Framework for sensing your world
  • LifeOn integrated Z-Wave Motion Sensors having smart alert notification which notifying you for unexpected movement in home at any point in time
  • Automatically update you the current status of your home lighting and room temperature
  • Easy customization with adjustable sensitivity levels
  • Multipurpose motion sensors can be used as Motion Sensor, Alarm Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Humidity Sensors, Smoke Sensor and so on
  • Controlling your home appliances from anywhere in the world
  • Sensing ability of Motion Sensor secure your valuable home assets when you are on holiday by regular notifying you
  • Z-Wave motion sensors helps you to catch a Burglar
  • Low battery detection for almost all devices which are connected through  z-wave network