Ultra Universal

Brand: Smart_Tech
Product Code: G8-1025
Weight: 0.00kg
Dimensions: 0.00cm x 0.00cm x 0.00cm

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Smart Ultra Universal:

Smart Touch Remote Control with LifeOn Ultra Universal

Ultra Universal is Wi-Fi enabled smart remote. User your smart phone as remote and connect with your world. Gets easily connected with your home network and enables you remote control from anywhere in the world. If your phone and home appliances connected with the same access point, your phone is automatically linked with home appliances and in this way, you can use your smart phone as general remote which is Ultra Universal. 

  • Ultra Universal remote is multi-functional remote controller
  • Easily connected with your home wireless network and opera-table from anywhere in the world
  • Supporting gesture control with smart touch screen
  • LifeOn Integrated Ultra Universal remote capable for lighting control, presentation control, media control and much more
  • Easy access of cloud storage from anywhere in the world
  • Navigation panel provides easy navigation from one window to another as per your requirement
  • Single control point enable you to watch TV, listen music, play games, watch movie, access your webcam, lighting control etc.
  • Smart presentation control by using single point of control with multiple program at the same time
  • Intuitive controls for easy and one touch slideshow navigation with confidently

Automate Your World With LifeOn Ultra Universal

LifeOn Ultra Universal Remote gives you control for high-impact presentations which works over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Also providing full control for most programs like lighting control, presentation control, media control, remote storage access, Ordinary TV control smartly, source, channel access and much more. 

Few examples of use cases of LifeOn Ultra Universal Remote:

  • LifeOn integrated Ultra Universal remote can be used for smart presentation which enable you start / stop presentation, pause presentation and easy slides navigation 
  • By using this remote you can easily present your most programs like Google slides, Open office / Libre office documents 
  • You can easily navigate your slides by just single click and also enable you to start or stop presentation at any time
  • LifeOn integrated Presentation Remote also enables you full control over home lights, you can easily switched on your room lights before starting presentation and vice-a versa
  • On single point click, you can launch your specific document presentation - Automatically all lights will be switched off, projector will start, specific slides will be open on your projector screen, all phones will get in silence mode and you can present your slides to audience
  • You can use this remote for remote media control like volume up or down, as well as favorite video or music selection 
  • By using this remote you can open or close your doors, windows as well as curtains control
  • By using this remote you can also Switch ON / OFF your office monitors as per your needs 
  • Useful for controlling video and volume control during your presentation


The Ultra Universal Remote has the following features giving you the best experience:

  • Providing flexibility while presenting in large conference rooms or classrooms
  • Attractive look and feel and most powerful design with small size
  • Full control over remote media access, volume control and brightness adjustment
  • Simple layout enabling user for easy presentation with play and pause functionality
  • Compatible with Android, table and PC
  • Setting options enables you for different layout selection as well as attractive theme selection
  • Enables you security control as well as smart media control