NFC Reader

Brand: Smart_Tech
Product Code: G8-1036
Weight: 0.12g
Dimensions: 75.00mm x 110.00mm x 13.00mm

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Smart NFC Reader:


Make Your Life Joyful With LifeOn Integrated NFC Reader

LifeOn Integrated NFC Reader is an universal tag compatible with all NFC Smartphone in the world. Just turn ON NFC of your smartphone and enjoy your favorite music, video by touching NFC tag. LifeOn Integrated NFC tag customize your world and making you more efficient and enhance your luxury lifestyle. 

  • LifeOn Integrated Smart NFC Reader compatible with all NFC Smartphone in the world
  • Universal tag, no need of any application to operate this
  • Just turn ON your NFC of your smart phone and enjoy your life with NFC Reader
  • LifeOn integrated Smart NFC Reader provides you comfort and making your mobile life more luxury as usual


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LifeOn Integrated Smart NFC Reader Making Your Lifestyle More Luxury

LifeOn Integrated Smart NFC Reader is more affordable which automate your automotive world, controlling your devices from any where in the world.

Few examples of use cases of LifeOn Integrated Smart NFC Reader:

  • You can use this card to mark your attendance in your office 
  • This card can be used for access control of your door lock, entry and exit point in hospital as well as offices
  • You can access your favorite music, video from cloud store easily and enjoy on your home entertainment system
  • LifeOn Integrated Smart NFC reader control your home appliances like lights, door locks and much more. For example you can easily turn ON your home lights by simply touching your smart phone with this tag
  • You can directly join with your family members via conference call through your smart phone
  • You can easily pay your pizza charges and able to place and order while you standing Pizza Hut
  • You can also use this NFC Reader for accessing your cash box or sending your information securely on cloud
  • Ticketing system can also be managed on Cinema Hall for providing easy access to user and enjoy movie
NFC Chip: Genuine Topaz512
Compatibility: All NFC Smartphones in the world
Compatible Platform: Android, Windows
On Chip Memory: 924 Bytes
User Memory: 888 Bytes (7 Bytes unique id)
Function: Read / Write
Reading Distance: 0 - 6cm
Card size: Credit Card Size

 LifeOn Integrated Smart NFC Reader has the following features giving you the best experience:


  • Compatible with all NFC Smartphone in the world
  • Having highest memory and also support Password Protection
  • No need of any extra apps to access NFC Reader
  • PVC, Highly Durable, 100% Waterproof
  • Allows exchange of contact info, photos, files etc