LifeOn Integrated Wi-Fi Smart Plug

Brand: Smart_Tech
Product Code: G8-1031
Weight: 135.00g
Dimensions: 100.00mm x 24.00mm x 72.00mm

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Wi-Fi Smart Plug:

Smart Control With LifeOn Integrated Wi-Fi Smart Plug

LifeOn Integrated Wi-Fi Smart Plug is a simple wi-fi plug which control your home. As a remote controller it controls almost every home appliances to be used by your mobile phone.  Plug has Wi-Fi signal enhancement, mobile phone charging protection, professional level timing for turn on/off switch.

  • Smart Wi-Fi Plug Socket, Remotely accessible which works intelligently
  • Easy customization, set the time and multiple timing tasks
  • Supporting Android phone as well as tablets, covering almost all phones
  • Control your home from any where in the world with Wi-Fi Smart Plug
  • Act as a universal charger with intelligent charging protection, when your phone  fully charged it will automatically disconnect


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Remote Home Control With LifeOn Integrated Wi-Fi Smart Plug

LifeOn Integrated Wi-Fi Smart Plug is easy to install and more affordable which automate your world and control your home, notifying your family and provides you luxury lifestyle.

Few examples of use cases of LifeOn Integrated Wi-Fi Smart Plug:

  • You can control your home with your phone anytime anywhere you want
  • want your light and music turned on automatically every morning to wake you up and your coffee machine cooked a cup of coffee for you automatically, this will automate your requirement
  • You can turn your home security camera for checking home status from anywhere in the world or just switch on your home washing machine while you are working in the office
  • You can turn on your water heater or your air conditioner one hour before you arrived home so that you can enjoy shower or get warm/cool immediately
Wi-Fi Standard: 802.11 b/g/n
Wi-Fi Enhanced: 15dbm
Current Rating: 10A
Voltage Rating: 90V-220V
Frequency Rating: 50HZ-60HZ
Power Rating: 2200W
Temperation Rang: -10°C ~ 55°C
Voltage Rang: 90V-220VAC

 LifeOn Integrated Wi-Fi Smart Plug has the following features giving you the best experience:


  • Easy installation and configuration with LifeOn Framework for controlling your smart home
  • Ultra compact with extreme light weighted designed to fit almost any place at your home
  • Always notifying you through sms, phone calls, Facebook post as well as twitter post when an event occurs at your home
  • Controlling your home appliances from anywhere in the world
  • Easy customization, you can easily set color and lighting scene