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G8 LifeOn offers smart and affordable automation solutions with seamless integration of Lighting, Security, Media, Electrical and IOT devices to give you luxury lifestyle.

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LifeOn Integrated SmartThings

Making a smarthings is nothing great - integrating it with one common front end is what we offer. Of the 1000+ devices that you can buy for smart-things, g8_smart things offers a one stop integration with ALL your devices.

Smart GSM Switch

LifeOn GSM Switch is a Smart & Next-Generation device control water heaters, electric motors, electric doors, lights, rice cookers and other appliances. Great for control of home electrical devices such as servicer, lamp, computer, refrigerator, TV, wireless router and so on.

Smart Moto Watch

Smart Watch save your time and making you more efficient. Most attractive Android wear device keeps you up to date without taking you away from the moment. Smart Moto Watch displaying notification about current events as well as where are you and what are you doing now.

Smart Glass

Smart Glass is a next generation glass, when activated, changes from transparent to translucent. Smart glass can be used in homes, for windows, in offices, in showers, in hotels and even in automobiles.


LifeOn Integrated Wi-Fi Smart Plug is a simple wi-fi plug which control your home. As a remote controller it controls almost every home appliances to be used by your mobile phone. Plug has Wi-Fi signal enhancement, mobile phone charging protection, professional level timing for turn on/off switch.