Smart Energy Management

Brand: Smart_Tech
Product Code: G8-1001
Weight: 0.50kg
Dimensions: 150.00cm x 250.00cm x 150.00cm

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Smart Energy Meter:


Energy Management with LifeOn Energy Meter

Smart energy meter is a new generation single phase electric meter, provides per hour energy consumption at home in Watt. Measures direct and accurate reading for energy consumption and display on your phone or LCD monitor.  By providing sustainable smart technology solution we save excessive costs on energy usage and reduces energy upto 30%. 

Smart Energy Meter provides you central point connectivity of smart devices and their monitoring dashboard, optimizing energy usage as well as enabling power efficiency.

  • Good looking, more reliable and easy installation
  • Light weighted, low friction with extremely lowest cost
  • Having infrared carrier wave communication with 7 digit LCD display

Smart Dashboard

LifeOn smart energy management dashboard provides you daily, weekly, monthly and yearly overview of total energy expenses. Now these days, most people are worried about energy consumption and costs, they paying the bill every month without understanding what's included and how they are charged. LifeOn integrated energy meter act smartly and provides you alert notification on your smart phone if any electricity fluctuations on your home. 

Now BPCA home main supply is connected through our smart energy meter and providing you the energy consumption in watts on daily basis. The below graph is providing you the current live data.



LifeOn Smart Energy Management

Energy and Utilities Use Cases Smarter Home, Smart Grid Business: Improve energy awareness and use in the home. Improve ability of the grid to respond without more infrastructure and power lines.

Few examples of use cases of our smart energy management system:

Home Automation Home Automation System can improve the energy efficiency of your home. You can setup the behavior of smart home appliances, also you can create scene and scenario and defines rules for your all connected devices. For example - You can define rules for automatic lighting switching ON/OFF as per you needs, remote control for home appliance like heater, refrigerator, geezer and much more.  
Energy Efficiency Monitor your real-time energy usage with LifeOn Energy Management Technology Solutions from Globus Eight. You can easily programmed for automatic switched ON/OFF for your smart appliances as per you needs. This will manage your devices and reduce cost upto 30%. 
Smart Dashboard LifeOn Smart Energy Management  provides you live dashboard as per your power consumption on hourly, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. You can easily find your current power usage. Based on this live dashboard you can control load of smart home appliances.
Smart Metering LifeOn Smart meter provides you real-time data in visual, through which you can check you entire electricity load on your smart home. This will also provide you any leakage in electricity as well as optimize your electricity consumption. 
Smart Monitoring Whenever you electricity consumption overloaded and any source over consuming, you will automatically receive an alert notification on your smart phone either in text, voice or video. Based on data you received on your phone you can guide someone to do needful to optimize this.




Model NO.: DDS238 with register display
Installation: Direct Connected
Electric Equipment: Single-phase
Power Meter Connection: Terminal
Display: Digital
Usage: Watt-Hour Meter, Meter for Industry and Home Use, Standard Electric Energy Meter
Measured Signal: Pulse Peak
Theory: Electronic Meter
Technical Skill User:  Beginner


LifeOn Energy Management monitor, manage and provides smart saving on energy expense.

  • Reduce energy upto 30%.
  • Get load Spike alert on your smart phone.
  • Smart dashboard to provide feedback about hourly, weekly and monthly power usage.
  • Identify leakage point and controlling mechanism for your home appliances.
  • Provides you real time energy consumption and live power consumption data.