G8 Button

Brand: Smart_Tech
Product Code: G8-1030
Weight: 135.00g
Dimensions: 100.00mm x 24.00mm x 72.00mm

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Smart G8 Button:

Secure Your Home With LifeOn Integrated G8 Button

LifeOn Integrated G8 Button is hand made button which triggers your all actions. Button controlling your home appliances, turn light, music ON / OFF and performing much more actions. 

    • The button is more affordable and easy to install without any need to extra wire or efforts
    • Securely connects with your home wireless network 
    • The button is more intelligent and multi functional 
    • LifeOn Integrated home button can trigger actions based on the command you have given
    • Control your smart home with LifeOn Integrated G8 Button
    • Always notifying you, whenever trigger happens at your home 
    • Suitable to feet any position in the home and provides you comfort and luxury lifestyle


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LifeOn Integrated G8 Button is easy to install and more affordable which automate your world and control your home, notifying your family and provides you luxury lifestyle.

Few examples of use cases of LifeOn Integrated G8 Button:

  • LifeOn Integrated G8 Button controlling your home, you can turn the lights switched ON / OFF, turn on your gizzer in the morning as well as you can also switch on your coffee maker based on your requirement
  • You can notify your family members by sending message just pressing this button like "I am available at home".
  • This button will be helpful for your parents, when your grandfather press this button, this will notify you, the assistance is required to your grandfather
  • By pressing this button you can directly get into conference  call with your friends and family members 
  • This button is more useful at airport, when you want a taxi for your destination, simply press this button  and this will direct to taxi company and your taxi is available in few minutes
  • By pressing this button you can directly to your service provides as per your requirement
Item Weight: 135g
Product Dimensions: 100 x 24 x 72 mm
Batteries: 2 Lithium Metal batteries required
 Color: Blue and Red
 Material:  Synthetic
 Average Battery Life:  26280 hours
 Power Source: 12VDC
 Operating Temperature:  -20C~+50C

 LifeOn Integrated G8 Button has the following features giving you the best experience:


  • Easy installation and configuration with LifeOn Framework for controlling your smart home
  • Ultra compact with extreme light weighted designed to fit almost any place at your home
  • Always notifying you through sms, phone calls, Facebook post as well as twitter post when an event occurs at your home
  • Controlling your home appliances from anywhere in the world
  • Easy customization, you can easily set color and lighting scene